Creative Customs V.S Project Astra

This is our own little demo car, it's a Vauxhall Astra VXR and it has been wrapped in around 4 different styles. As this is an ongoing project we try and attend as many shows as possible throughout the year to show our potential customers how brilliant the business can be by using the Astra as an example.   It is currently on Fifteen52 Turbomac Wheels with Air Lift Performance (air) suspension. As the car often gets out on the track we have upgraded its performance systems to Grade 3 to ensure the car is not seen purely as a 'show car'. 

This was the first style that the car was styled with, a simple matt black wrap for the bonnet, boot and roof.
Next, we used '3m' to produce a matt royal purple colour on the car which has never been used before- clearly it came out a success.
The 'camo' style was only used as a trial on the Astra however it ended up staying for a while due to the interesting look.
Wanting to give the car a different look rather then a full colour, we went for half wrap so leaving the top half the original blue.

The car has now got a full wrap, with a royal blue instead of the original colour. Also has graphics down the side to give the car abit of characture. 

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