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Here at Creative Customs we are able to fulfil any creative designs for your car, ranging from simple wraps, full wraps, small graphics and even full van graphics. Please see below for our full potential...

Fiat Punto with custom made Martini colours. Adding a classic touch to a modern car. 

Vw Caddy Van Wrapped in 3M Gloss Black, making the van look good as new.

Vw Polo, Full wrap in 3M Perfect Blue. With Gloss Black front wings. 

Vauxhall Corsa VXR previously half wrap now has got a full wrap in Arlon Amethyst Purple. Making the car stand out from the crowd. 

Smart car full wrap in Arlon matte orange with matte black details and door shuts.

Vauxhall astra VXR fully wrapped in 3M Dark grey metallic.

Toyata Celica GT4 Bonnet and spoiler wrapped in Carbon fibre effect

Toyota GT86 with a 3M venture shield kit fitted to the front, then 3M carbon fibre effect on the roof, wing mirrors, side detail and the spoiler. 

Company vans with company logo and number on both vans.

Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR wrapped in 3M sterling silver will gloss black graphic down the side and the poilished face of the wheels in gloss black. Custom ideas are made on a computer game first then put together on the real car. 

Two cars with the same wrap both done in matte white. 

A very simple van graphic but is very effective with the black background.

BMW main dealer wanted one of their demo bikes to be different, done with a matte black wrap making the bike very stealthy.

Another company getting both their vehicles done with the company logo.

VW Scirocco fully wrapped in arlon deep ocean blue. 

BMW 3 series fully wrapped in 3M matte metallic dark grey.

Comapny logo made for their office wall.

Vauxhall astra VXR fully wrapped in matte white.

Vauxhall astra VXR freshly painted with 3M venture shield to protect the paint work.

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